Finance Committee

The finance committee reviews expenses for the community and recommends to the board of directors the changes and/or the reduction of expenditures that the finance committee has noted and the expenditures for non-essential items.  The finance committee presents their recommendations to the Voting Members Committee for approval before submitting to the board of directors.

Flower Bed Committee

The flower bed committee recommends the color and types of flowers in addition to the design of the flower bed for each seasonal planting.

Pool Committee

The pool committee recommends changes to pool rules, activities and procedures for pool use.

Safety Committee

The safety committee recommends safety practices, researches issues, educates the public, and publishes safety articles in the newsletter.  The committee works with the police departments for input and assistance.

Social Committee

The social committee develops a calendar of events for the community.

Welcome Committee

The welcome committee develops and distributes a packet of information to all new residents which includes helpful information about the community.

Yard of the Month Committee

The yard of the month committee selects 5 winners for the best yards each month during April and September.  A sign is placed in the winner’s yard to remain for 1 month.  The homeowner has the right to refuse the sign.  The name and address of winners is not published due to requests of homeowners.  The community is divided into 5 areas with the possibility of each area being awarded one winner.  In October, 2 yards are selected as the best Halloween yards.  In December, 2 yards are selected as the best Christmas yards.  No prizes are given to the homeowner, but they do have bragging rights for their yard.

Flag Committee

The flag committee has installed 4 US flags in the community.  The members monitor the flags to ensure that the flags remain in good condition.  If a flag is torn or shredded, it is removed.  It will be replaced with a new flag.  Flags will be lowered and raised appropriately as directed by the federal government for events such as important funerals.  Flags are retired with the help of the Boy Scouts.

Website Committee

The Voting Member Committee selects at least three members in our community who have the knowledge and skills to aid in upkeep and relevance of our HOA website. The website is intended to be a great resource for community members.  We welcome everyone's input on website content and how we can make it more useful to all.