The majority of our HOA expenses go toward landscaping which includes: Landscape Maintenance & Repair, Common Area Repairs & Replacement, Ponds and Fountains Maintenance & Repair, Landscape Improvements & Upgrades, Tree & Shrub Replacement & Removal and Irrigation Repairs.

Property Management

The second largest portion of our expenses go toward the property management company (FirstService Residential) who is contracted by the HOA Board of Directors to manage and maintain our property. Expenses include: Telephone/Modem, Pool Monitor Service, Professional Management Fee, Admin Supplies/Expenses, On-Site Office Supplies, Annual Rev/Tax Return, Licenses and Fees, Delinquency Processing Expenses, Legal Expenses – Board, IT Support, Newsletter/Online Mailings, Meetings Expense and On-Site Management.



The remaining portion of our expenses go toward: Utilities, Committees, Insurance and Taxes.

In order to better inform residents, the following public documents can help provide a historical reference. 

2017 Final Audit Report

2017 Income Statement Report

2018 Budget Resolution

2018 Expense Report (coming soon)

2019 Budget Resolution