Board of Directors

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The Owners Association at Country Lakes is administered by a board of directors. Two directors are elected by the voting members that are present at the annual meeting in the last quarter of the year.  These directors will serve a two-year term of office.

Tim Stewart, President

April Woods, Vice President

Don Dykstra, Secretary

Mark Lange, Member At Large

Janel Salinas, Member At Large

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Voting Members Committee

The HOA Voting Members Committee members are elected by the community members at the annual homeowner’s association meeting held in the last quarter of the calendar year. Currently, 20 members may be elected to the HOA Voting Members Committee. The elected committee members will serve a one-year term. The basic responsibilities are to meet 6 times per year to go over issues within sub-committees and recommend proposals to the Board regarding maintenance and upkeep.

Current Members: John Ankeny, Marcella Barden, Karrie Carrizales, Wilma Davis, Julie Kammer, Holly Lewis, Davie Lloyd, Marleen Loebach, Peter Malik, Knox McRae, Krystle Nelinson, Jeff Parkerson, Darren Tait, John Thompson, Carl Tomerlin, Ray Torrey

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You do not have to be a member of the Voting Member Committee to participate on a sub-committee.

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